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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we pickup the poop?

Absolutely. Interestingly, the ponies have been doing this long enough that they basically take care of business before they leave home. ;)

Where will you do the pony rides?

The choice is up to you. We can do them in as small or as large circle as you like. We can do them in your yard, on a side-walk or quiet street. We've even used a garage when the weather turned bad!

How many rides will each child have?

It all depends on the amount of children you have and how many rides each child would like. We never leave a party without each child having a pony ride.

What is your typical party like?

We typically bring either 1 or 2 ponies and the Bounce Pony for one hour to most parties. This combination provides the most continuous activity for the children.

Do you require anything the day of the party?

We only ask that the area we wil be riding in is free from any flying objects (frizbees, footballs, baseball etc.) and any ball kicking.

How heavy a rider can the pony carry?

It depends on the pony; Juliet has a limit of 75 lbs and Toby our larger pony can take a rider up to 100 lbs.

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CountryTime Pony Rides - Boy on Pony - Pony Rides in NJ Pony Rides in New Jersey

Q: Do we pickup the poop?
A: Yes (more)

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